Just to give you a brief background about one of my most lucrative projects. I started my Facebook page in 2010 and in a space of 6 years; I have worked so smart and hard to market it and build up a brand that was trustworthy and now seen its growth to a following of 1 million plus people and a lucrative mailing list over on my website for that project. When you do your math correctly and convert those numbers into money, then you understand the kind of revenue I am working with.

Never start a business without a blueprint. Even if its something that seems small like starting a social media page. Don’t start an Instagram page because someone else has done so, I call that living on a borrowed dream/vision and those types of dreams/visions don’t end well. When I started my page on Facebook it was passion and I honestly was not thinking money although I had a blueprint of what it is i wanted to achieve. I saw the end game or bigger picture first before I even began. Had I gone by what the start looked like, I most likely would have given up. I always tell my clients that if you can picture it, then you can capture it. If you can’t picture it then you can’t capture it. In other words, things that are within our view are within our reach. You have to paint a picture of what you see your brand achieving or returning to you before it even yields fruit.

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