There are many mums out there who are nearing the end of their maternity leave and the panic has started setting in unsure of what to do as they look at the dim economy. The cost of living has risen extremely and salaries have not changed much, yet the cost of childcare has sky rocketed. I honestly can sympathise with their situation and the dilemma it poses. In our online survey that we carried out in April, many women expressed an interest in running their own businesses from home but the fear on uncertainty was the only thing holding them back. Many mums expressed the belief that the prospect of self employment would be much more fulfilling and could help improve their family dynamics.

I can certainly agree with the sentiments expressed by the many women who took part in our survey because I have seen first hand the power of financial freedom and most importantly the ability to juggle my family and business easily without pressure from anyone. Cat, one of the mumpreneurs I am currently mentoring had been in her job for 10 years and the minute she felt pregnant and gave birth she was faced with the dilemma of returning to work but could not be afforded the flexibility she was seeking. As a result of this she decided to start her cleaning company and gave up her career int he legal field. She now says she wishes she had started her dream much earlier because her decision to chase her dreams has enabled her to look after her two-year-old daughter Lily and has meant she saves on childcare costs but most importantly she gets to spend more time with her daughter.

I know sometimes the thought of running your own business can be overwhelming but once you step into the world of mumpreneurship, you will never look back if you make the right connections and do it right.

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