Dear Mumpreneur,

I have decided to do a few tokens of wisdom for the next few weeks in order to help you on your journey to building your empire. I will try and keep it minimal but as constant as possible. I know many of you desperately want to gain financial freedom so that life can become easier, however financial freedom especially for those mums who are not trust-fund babies does not get handed to you on a silver platter. You can’t live in the fast glamorous lane on your journey to building wealth and expect to meet the needs of unexpected circumstances.

These little tokens of wisdom are to encourage you to know that it is possible to be financially free, it is possible to pay for your house outright, have debt free cars and most importantly to live a happy and fulfilled life. I usually mentor and speak at youth empowerment conferences where I always tell young people it is never too late to make right and start a new path. When you are young you have a greater chance of achieving much and it is best to utilise your youth to build. I have fast realised that the younger you are the more time you have and less responsibilities.

This is however is not to discourage anyone older, because you too can build wealth. I only wish to stress to you to also encourage young people in your household to not waste their youth chasing useless things. So I will begin today by encouraging you all fellow mums to Invest in the right things and watch your wealth grow. Financial Freedom is such a beautiful thing, financial freedom is about having options. One of the beautiful things about having options is  knowing I can help the less fortunate, I have a roof over my head, and most importantly and what helps me sleep better at night is knowing that our little one can get the best education and have opportunities. These are factors that should help propel you to work smarter, harder and make better investment choices.

We’re all in this together, so follow these series of #Tokensofwisdom and hopefully they will inspire you.

Much Love,


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