Visualisations is everything. Before I even set on the journey to go after my goals, I always visualise what it is I’m after and go get it. When they say you will manifest what you visualise, they don’t lie. Its amazing how many of us underestimate the power of positive affirmations and so often forget to do it! Life is sometimes so busy that we forget so caught up and focus on negativity instead of seeing the good.

Don’t lose sight of what is important by focusing your attention on trivial things. Stop focusing on what’s going wrong or worrying about things that could go wrong, that won’t help your case. Instead of thinking what if it goes wrong, trying thinking what if it goes right and write down all the benefits you will gain from it going right and use that as your daily inspiration to stay aligned with your goals.

Please do share your life hacks when it comes to goal setting and what helps you to stay aligned with your goals? Leave a comment below!

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