Soul-versations Are Often Very Necessary.

I love having con/soul-versations with myself every now and again. No, its not part of going insane, it is actually healthy. So what do I mean? I reflect very often as I personally find it very important for my well-being. As i reflect, look back and reason, I usually find myself putting thoughts to paper as this helps me spot negative habits before they become a thing or helps me spot strengths that can help me become better.

The past few weeks I have been working out an issue I have been battling in my mind. Now, I never put my thoughts out until I weigh myself and make sure that I am not projecting my own issues and fears onto others. In this instance, I had to weigh and really examine myself to make sure I am not guilty of this issue, act or pattern I seem to be noticing in many people. Well, after much contemplation and reflection, I now feel it is time to share this observation.

I have a little saying that goes a little like this; the fearful wolf howls the loudest, thinks too highly of him or herself, is egotistical but really they are small and fearful. I bet you’re wondering what on earth I am going on about? Well, it is simple really. Have you ever had people around you who think they are all that and a bag of chips and constantly spew what I call egotistical garbage just because they think they are doing much?

I am a lover of working in silence. However, every now and again I may share my wins but for the most, I like to keep silent about what I am doing. Sometimes people look at us as failures just because we are not loud about our accomplishments and that’s okay. Sometimes, other people will look down on us because they fear exactly who they know we are. By acknowledging us, it makes them feel small because they have actually admitted that we are doing much compared to them.

Now, this is not a game of whose doing the most, but rather a message to encourage you to keep doing you even when your frenemies pretend they cant see you. Some people will even go to the extent of thinking that by blocking what they think will allow people to see your greatness will expose their weakness. Again, that is okay! You do not need certain spaces to shine, your work speaks for its self and better yet let them come begging you.

So, what am I saying? In simple words, don’t let other people determine your value. YOU know your value!!


Much lovexx


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