Everyone in life has the ability to make or build wealth. I can hear the roar of thunder in the fields of doubt; however it is very true that anyone can build wealth. It all begins with an idea then saving a couple of pounds or dollars a day, which turn into weeks, then months and then years of savings. Every time you save a little, your money grows. This however is where discipline has to come in. It is so tempting to want to live like the Jones’s next door but that mindset has to go out the window if you are really serious about building wealth. You have to firmly decide to live below your means by spending less and investing more than some would just recklessly give out money without thinking twice. You don’t ever really realise just how much you over spend until you sit down and budget and actually stay within that budget.

My idea of seed to tree in success is that of how a seed blooms into a tree or a flower but it doesn’t happen over night. Ideas have to be nurtured and worked on before they can begin to produce income.

So lets grow from seed to tree and build.

Much Love,


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