Hi. My name is Rachael and I just wanted to share my journey and experience of being in business as a mumpreneur.

I have been in business for 10 years and 3-4 years of those 10 years have been trial and error. I have had many opportunities present themselves to me by chance and sometimes through my networking efforts. Some opportunities have been good and some not so much. After 3-4 years of trial and error, I finally found my niche and started my wedding planning business.

However, allow me to give you a little bit of background. After years of struggling to juggle work life and mum life and feeling completely drained, i finally got fed up and decided to literally pack up and resign. I remember going into work that day with my mind made up and going straight into our company directors office and handing in my resignation. I was sweating and nervous because i knew what i was giving up; but once i was certain and it was done, a sudden rush of peace came upon me like never before.

During my time at university i worked at a florist and interacted with a lot of wedding planners in various capacities and i was drawn to the wedding services business. However i didn’t have the finance to kick-start my business idea at that point. I decided i would work in the corporate world and save up as much as i could so that i could one day start my business. After having my children i found that i became very comfortable and timid and therefore could not see myself giving up my excellent pay for something risky. However i played around with the idea by doing on and off freelance wedding services work. My life however was not getting easier as my husband was constantly working away and the whole scenario took its toll on me. I was so stressed and was not coping well and knew i had to quickly do something about it.

I quickly made up my mind that I needed to be bold and follow my dreams and that i did. 10 years later, I am very happy and my business is doing very well. I love being a member of mumpreneurunited as i get to meetup with other go-getter mums. So, yes i walked away from my lucrative job but with a clear conscious and would not change anything. I feel lighter and have more freedom to do things i love and most importantly, i have a nice support network.

With love,

Rachael H.

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