Live A Fulfilled Life!

Well before graduating from university i had so many things i wanted to do with my life! But i realised early on that if i were to continue onto the normal systematic route of getting an office job, working the 9-5 hours, i wouldn’t have the energy, time or even much money to do all that i wanted to do with my life until much later when i no longer have my youth.

Don’ get me wrong though, I did eventually find a job and worked in Government. However, since I was a little girl I knew the ultimate goal was to be my own boss, travel the world, be a wife and a mummy, exploring all that nature has to hold. I wanted a life that allowed me more time to spend with my family and loved ones. I most importantly wanted to give more of my time and resources to my philanthropic work.

I needed something to be able to give me that freedom to be able to live my life to the fullest every single day. However you know when you get comfortable in a 9-5 and put all your dreams on hold because you now have big girl responsibilities, that’s exactly what happened to me. But, it wasn’t until I got married and my life took a drastic change during pregnancy that reality hit home.

I got the big wake up call I needed for my life and started making changes and progressing towards creating a lifestyle where i can live a fulfilling life with my husband and daughter while i’m still in my youth.

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