Good Morning Mumpreneurs,

It is the second of January,, in beautiful England and I’m already up and buzzing ready to take on the day. I sat here thinking of the countless unhappy people who hate their jobs but regardless heading back to work today. I sat here remembering how that used to be me and it wasn’t too long ago either. I sat here amazed at what firstly God can do in a short space of time especially if you trust Him wholly, put in the work but most importantly stay consistent.

waking up and simply walking into my home office allows me to realise how blessed I am, it is such an amazing feeling. Today I want to encourage you to take small steps of progress because after all is said and done, they all add up to something big. Decide to to be consistent in those little bold steps daily because it will build momentum which yields positive results.

Leaving your sense of security in a full time job is not an easy decision, so many fears are attached to it. However, it becomes easier and there are things you can do to help you progress. Here are 3 things I want to share with you today.


1: Stay Inspired!

Motivation is very important in order to achieve your goals. However, staying motivated can be very difficult; anyone thinking of GYM life? Yes! Well, think of how it is easy to consume all those calories but hard to get rid of and more especially hard to commit to a consistent Gym life. Well it is time for you to wake up and realise there is a better life out there waiting for you. Keep reading, educating yourself, and most importantly talking to people who are doing things and learn as it will help you remain inspired and also start making boss moves.

2: Networking Is Vital!

Did you know that you can align yourself with destiny by placing yourself in visible places. Sometimes it only takes that one “chance” meeting with your enabler to access resources that may have been in hidden in plain sight. When little opportunities start coming your way, take them. However choose wisely what opportunities you take up. Don’t forget to look up networking events that are not too expensive to begin with, so anywhere between £40 – £200 is not too bad when you are just starting out. Therefore go out there and expand your network!

3: Consistency Requires Sacrifice!

Consistency is key in whatever you do and also very important is sacrifice. To reach your goals you sometimes have to make sacrifices such as abstaining from that designer handbag, less TV and maybe ease off time wasting habits because Time is the most valuable asset many take for granted but can never have back. Sacrifice and consistency yields results. So, my only question is what are you waiting for. Sign up to my mailing list and I will send you weekly uplifts and nuggets that will help propel your business and tips to help you make extra income.


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