Happy New Year Mumpreneurs

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about dreams and aspirations as we both burst out laughing out loud at the realisation that life like the heart has a mind of it’s own. Like seriously speaking, isn’t it funny how you can end up in a completely different place to where you thought you’d be? Mentally, physically and emotionally. Think about it, yesteryear you had all these dreams, desires and action plans about what you thought you’d be doing, but when you now look back at those prospects from a year or so ago you realise they are very different to present day.

That my friend is called REALITY; Yes, the ‘realities’ of life can get in the way of your plans.

I always knew one day i’d get married and have a football team of children but never knew how soon or not it would happen. I could have never predicted that at one point in that process I’d have to give up my Job and Steady income. I would have never predicted that my career would be on hold to be a stay at home mum.  It has all been bliss and no regrets as life has given me a new lease and allowed me the gift of being a wife, mum and also allowed me to realise the potential I had in other areas other than the ones i thought I was good at.

So yes, life has been somewhat different to what I had expected. All great surprises BTW.

When I was a child and naive, everything felt so straight forward. I remember thinking one day i’ll wake up and i’ll be rich, famous and an entrepreneur, using my riches to do good causes for the less privileged and travelling the world with my beautiful family. As I have gotten older and embraced that life has its own mind and that in life we will face trials before we can get to our destination, I am more secure that my dreams are valid and a reality at their own pace as the universe would allow. That in no way is a reason to make excuses to not go after your dreams but be willing to accept that they will happen one way or another but maybe just not at your demand and expectation.
The reason i love to share my thoughts and discoveries is because as I travel along this journey I am always aware that my issues are most likely a collective of world issues and experiences, therefore there are people who would love the exchange of dialogue on how to implement change and inspire each other to greatness. I know there are some readers out there whose life mirrors mine in its current state and therefore can identify.
The purpose of this blog is to remind you that Just because your childhood dreams have taken a different turn, it does not mean that you and I should lose our passion and drive. When I was pregnant with DD, I experienced one of the scariest times of my life even to the point of an almost death. Day after day spent in a hospital bed was enough to drive someone insane, but even through my worst pain and unpredictability of my situation; i did not let it weigh me down. Instead i chose to daily be joyful and laugh where I could. I had to keep pushing through the barriers that were daily before me.

That daily unpredictable journey imprinted a strong belief in me that there’s always hope and things can only get better.

One of the most successful people in life Oprah Winfrey, came across opposition, challenges and trials. But she fought through and her wealth and success today is the result of her determination to push through the barriers that were set in place. You may be in a place in your life right now where you feel like you’ve not achieved the things you wanted to, or you’ve lost a little hope or motivation in your dreams. You are not alone! Everyone who has small/big dreams has felt like this at one point, and it’s completely normal.
However, you will have to rise above the disappointments and go after your dreams un-apologetically. Let those who laugh at you overtly or covertly laugh at you. Let those who think your dreams are not valid think away. Let those who think they are better than you and that you will never amount to anything get lost in their own bubble, but you keep doing you no matter what the circumstances or naysayers maybe saying.

Don’t work hard to prove people wrong but work hard to prove yourself right.

In that process of working hard also allow yourself some slack because this journey is a process that can not be done in a day. Keep reminding yourself that God knows what is good for you and what it is you would like to achieve and will make a way for you. The now and future is bright, breathe and smile.
Always remind yourself that you’ve always had a purpose before anyone had an opinion about you.
That my fellow Mumpreneurs is what has kept me inspired and going and I’m happy to say this road to financial freedom is total bliss. I have no complaints and sleep well at night.
Much Love.

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