Business should continuously evolve. When I started my other social media business I had plans and ideas on how to grow it although in the beginning it felt very slow paced I kept at it. In the early days I was just making enough surplus to keep me and my family going,  however my goals were bigger. I remember starting out at $50.00 per piece of work done and growing to larger sums where i no longer had to charge $50.00 and was able to make anywhere between $150 – $1000 per day. I charged in dollars because my clientele was hugely U.S based as that is where i found a market for my niche.

However, when I talk about business growth I am not only referencing revenue growth but also growth in direction. After much progress and success in the area of social media, i decided to grow my business further by focusing on teaching others how they too could grow their business and begin to see huge returns. I have not stopped there as I am constantly thinking of ways to grow and I am currently in the process of creating my first online course and writing my first mini E-publication.  I am so grateful for the opportunities to mentor and speak to young people too about entrepreneurship and helping mumpreneurs to streamline their businesses, find more clients, and get booked out!

My point in today’s blog is simple, Keep evolving and work on new ideas within your business. The sky is only the beginning, not the limit.

Much Love,


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