I am only 3 Years into Motherhood and believe me when I say motherhood is progressive and it transforms you. I know we all have different stories as far as motherhood is concerned and for some its a walk in the park type of story. However, despite of the eye bags and the rough times that sometimes come with it, I wouldn’t change anything because its helped me become who I am today and for the better.

Motherhood took me on a journey of sacrifice and my dreams were on a bench/shelf for a while, but in the process of finding myself in motherhood I realised that I still have the same dreams and desires but now even on a grander scale. Once you become a parent you have a little person to provide the best for. Having kids will propel you mostly and make you more creative, ambitious and focused. You will become savvier with your time as it’s more limited and you become stricter with who and what receives your energy because it’s so precious.

Once you become a parent, your level of selflessness goes on a deeper and high note. Didi is my biggest responsibility. She was born premature, so keeping her healthy and happy means everything to me. That responsibility can be costly at times hence why my drive and zeal is even much greater now.

So in the grand scheme of it all, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for being you and still wanting all the things you did before your child came along. Go make your dreams a reality.

Do you and believe me your little one/s will love you for it, because you will be a shining example for them.

Much Love


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