Delayed gratification is an excellent skill to master early on in your journey to mumpreneurship if you are going to see the fruits of your labour. I remember early on when I first embarked on this journey when one of our friends had bought a new car and we still had our old one, it was so tempting to go out and buy a new car because ours just felt old. However, I remember stepping into my 360 mode where my mind automatically objectively starts to deal with me. I love my 360 mode because it brings me back to earth, reality and level headed-ness. Everyone needs to find their 360 mode. I started sending positive messages to my brain by re-affirming the perfect qualities of our car.


  • Does it get us from A – Z? Yes, then we don’t need a new car.


  • Is it warm and comfy enough? Yes, well thank God that you don’t have to walk in the rain.


  • Is it in good working condition? Yes, then stop being an entitled little spoilt brat and get on with it.


If I had let my carnal mind takeover and not combated it at that point, we would have most likely gone out and spend our savings or taken out a car on finance just to be like the Jones’s and in the process hurting our pockets all in the name of keeping up appearances.

So, what am i saying ladies? The fast lane is nice but not at the expense of damaging your dreams. Hold on because good things come to those who wait.

Much Love,





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