Dear Mumpreneur Don’t Sweat It.

As we approach the end of the year I love to bring my thoughts to paper and share some of my personal insight. Here are a few topic i will talk about briefly because these are dear to me and i also feel that they will help someone!

Don’t sweat the small stuff:

This year I made a decision early on to not sweat the small stuff. Previously when things were not going how I would have preferred (including the small petty stuff), I would overwork my brain and work myself up. However, this year I approached things differently, I didn’t stress myself except deal with what I could or rather what was necessary and moved on. I’m too busy to sweat the small stuff. If it’s not directly impacting my clients, business or family, I move on.

Better organisation = Better Mum & Happy Child:

because I’m an entrepreneur, I get to make my own hours, which means at times more time with my beautiful (Didi, just turned 5 years) and other times depending on my rota not so much time. However, I try my best to make sure all her emotional, physical and mental needs are met before i take on too much. Having two entrepreneur parents isnt easy for any child, so stability is a necessity and i make sure she has it. I absolutely love the fact that I can pick my Didi up from school and most importantly that I am not missing so many moments. Because I control my own schedule, I have noticed Didi is definitely happier.

These days, I am a very efficient and organised mum and wife although i cant claim that I always have it 100% right. However, for the most part i tend to have it together and get it right. I work hard everyday to ensure my most important activities get accomplished, that I have my priorities right, and that I’m completely present in whatever thing I’m doing in that moment. Especially if that means playing with barbies when Didi needs me to .

Everyday is a lesson and a chance for Innovation:

This year I have pushed myself a lot more and ended up in places i would have never thought i would. I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and because of that, I’m learning so much. It feels like there is so much opportunity, I just need to figure out how to capture it. I went through a phase in my life where i felt everything had to be perfect or a certain way to get things done. Because of this unrealistic way of thinking, i found that I put this unfair expectation on myself to be perfect all the time, but then I remind myself that’s not possible. So if you are waiting for perfection in order to begin, you will never start. The world needs your originality, true and authentic self.

What are you waiting for?

Rest is Necessary:

Though I’m sometimes making the least amount of money and yet working harder than I’ve ever worked, I have a goal in mind, and I’m on that path. I have an opportunity to live and pursue my dreams, and that makes me feel really “at peace” with my life which makes rest come easy and i feel free and happy. Money is great but money isn’t everything.

As always,

Love and Gods richest blessings

Lets go00000 Goal-Getters.

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