Chapter 6 of 12 In the Year 2019

You have influence right where you are.

I was having a conversation with a new client and she asked me how I grow my Facebook?

She told me how she was on the verge of giving up because the lack of progress on her Facebook was making her anxious. She asked what my secret was.

She was taken back when I responded to her question with a question. I proceeded to ask what her reason for desiring to have a large Facebook following, to which she gave a response.

Now, my problem with her response was the fact that she has so far neglected to capture the attention of the following she currently has, she has not seen the potential in that following, but believes that if her following grows, then she will be able to produce a profitable result.

The thing that most people fail to acknowledge is that, right there where you are even the 300-500 followers, that my friend is a huge number of prospective clients. 

YES! You have influence right where you are.

Now, how to capture the attention of your prospective clients comes down to a few things!

However, I believe that there is power in our stories and they create a great common and relatable ground. The things we’re most scared to talk about? THOSE are the things that create a bond far bigger than any product or service.

THOSE are the things that accelerate the whole know/like/trust thing with your prospective clients and customers, and also brings them back.

Stop worrying about making big sale’s first and make service priority.

What do I mean by this? Some of the greatest leaders were servants first. They understood the power of service and reaching the hearts of people.

  • Serve people so well so they want to come back—and bring their friends. 
  • Let people in to see how you’re not perfect, otherwise, you’re just perpetuating the social media problem.
  • If you could change one life with your post than a sale, it was worth it because soon that will translate to new customers heading your way because of that one powerful testimonial.


Social Media is an invitation into your world.

Therefore, be authentic and leave nothing to chance. You’ve invited people into your world and now they are watching. Give them something real, memorable and pull back the veil.


You have influence right where you are.

Live, Love and blog


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