Chapter 6 of 12 In the Year 2018

Have you ever been caught between a rock and a hard place? One of the hardest parts of an entrepreneurs journey is what i call the “crossing over.” Starting something is always the easiest for most people, but consistency and sustaining it “the cross over” bit, that is the part most of us are not prepared for. Have you ever just felt a sense of not knowing where you belong in this somewhat stressful entrepreneurship yet fulfilling journey at the same time? Well mumpreneur,  rest assured that those feelings are normal, even for the most successful people in business. The many dialogues we have with fear, yet fear of the unknown.

Many of us are experts at creating the worst case scenarios and yet overlook the best case scenarios. Don’t get wrong, i’m not saying we shouldn’t be mindful, however what I am saying is that let us not allow fear to cripple our being and allowing it to silence our doing.  Just promise me this: whatever season in you’re going through in your entrepreneur life, please don’t give up. Rainy days come, but they also have a limit and therefore have to go.  Do your best to embrace this season, so that you really cross over. You will be proud that you held on.

Much love.xx

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