Chapter 5 of 12 In the Year 2019

Hey, Mumpreneurs and Papa-preneurs!

Are you ready for what I am about to share with you all? Well, some of you already know and some of you don’t.

I have an Inner circle of Mumpreneurs that I mentor and In my inner circle group I get to tackle some difficult questions and provide insight to their burning questions…..  and unfortunately some of you never get to enjoy that content.

However, I have some great news, because I have decided to pick 3-5 questions weekly to dive into, from the email submitted Q?’s from everyone else…. I absolutely love tackling the questions I’m sent weekly and want to extend my insight to you guys!

Some of the questions I get are absolutely fantastic and I feel we could all benefit from them.

One of my all time favourite questions asked was, “What  habit/s have you changed over the years to better your life, and how have you kept on top of the transition?”

This is such a fantastic question, because learning how to up-level our habits can seriously Impact outcomes in our lives. For example, it can improve our lifestyle (work/life balance), it can also help improve our businesses. 

My goal was to be super productive throughout my workday by being more mindful of the time I was spending on social media. I had to weigh the consequences of my decisions as far as social media habits are concerned, and what I found was that, sometimes what I was getting out of social media was more a loss than a gain (profit) therefore Perspective is important. By weighing the pros and cons , I was able to implement new and better habits. I now have a more balanced but most importantly productive approach to how approach social media.

Learning better habits is key.

Look out for future posts where I will be sharing my new YouTube channel link, where you will be able to tap into secrets that other consultants and mentors don’t want you to know.

Live, Love and Blog

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