Chapter 12 of 12 In the Year 2019

Everyday Regular girls, we are it!! I’m talking about you, me and her. Yes, you have the potential to be anything you want in this world.

I know life can sometimes throw all sorts of things towards us and life issues can sidetrack us and cause us to lose focus. However, if we put our minds and hearts towards our dreams and goals, we can achieve them. Although it is not something that happens in one day for most of us, it is however attainable over time.

I know most of us are fearful of jumping in with both feet because we are unsure of the unknown. It is in the unknown that NEW OPPORTUNITIES are found.

Getting started with something new is scary… and overwhelming! But like I, you will have to face your fears and jump right in. I am doing everything in my power to erase all my doubts and fears by replacing them with complete CONFIDENCE. Confidence to go get what I want in 2020.

We all have to start from somewhere in order to get to wherever it is we desire.

Lets go Go-Getters.

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