Chapter 10 of 12 In the Year 2019

Hello fellow Mama-preneurs and Papa-preneurs

It appears that the Instagram growth question keeps coming up constantly and I figured I should address it again, but with an updated view/information, just in case some of you have missed previous content.

So, here it goes….

Instagram isn’t what it used to be anymore. Before Facebook purchased Instagram and before the algorithm was controlled, it was a little easier to build a following at a fast pace, compared to its current state.

However, all is not lost!

So is it possible to grow your instagram? Yes! However, your question should be Is it still possible to build a following that can turn into a prospective customer base?

The answer is yes. However, it requires some work and best of all, it requires a tad bit of patience. Many people have huge followings but no returns because all they gathered were bodies that do not translate to sales.

I believe we are now in an era where people value personal connection, even if it comes via online. The bottom line is, people want a connection.

Personal connection is important on so many levels and this was just one of the things I believe many people neglect. Whilst it is nice to have those beautiful still images, it is also important to utilise your stories in video form.

Stories are one of the fastest growing ways to consume content and its always so much fun seeing so many people get involved and start to use stories in their marketing plan.

Stories are a great way to show the real you. The more raw and authentic side of what makes or drives your business. Unlike your main feed, your pictures don’t have to be the highest quality, you don’t have to think of a catchy caption nor do you have to think of multiple hashtags!

Stories allow you flexibility and give you the liberty to be quirky and personable. You can create stories in literally seconds and you can encourage interaction and engagement by simply using the stickers Instagram give you.

Learn to utilise the tools Instagram has left at your disposal. For example, The location, mention and hashtag stickers are my go to tags especially for visibility reasons.

By using the location sticker you have the chance of being seen in that location by an audience that do not already follow you. By using the mentions sticker, the person you are mentioning can also share your story, meaning again, you’re now exposed to their audience who wouldn’t have known you prior to that story.

Finally, your hashtag sticker. Hashtags in stories work in the same way as the main feed. They are simply ways for you to be found so think about which hashtags you use in your stories!

Try these tips and watch your growth increase gradually.

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