Chapter 10 of 12 In the Year 2018

Dear Mumpreneurs

‘Am I Good Enough For The Big World of Business?’

It is crazy what a little seed of self belief planted in someone can do. I had a mentoring session with one of my mummy clients and she asked me if her ideas were good enough?

I was puzzled a little wondering where this train of thought was coming from, and allowed her to finish. She said to me;

“I see all these BIG TIME mumpreneurs and wonder where all my ideas fit in in this big world of business?”

Well, you maybe in this space of thought at this point in your life. However, I want to remind you that it is okay to be a turtle in a sea of fish. The point is not to fit in, but to STAND OUT.

And again what is Good Enough?.  

Good enough is a very difficult thing to measure, so you decide what is your GOOD ENOUGH. 

Be YOU!!

“As always fellow mumpreneurs, lets gooooo GOAL-GETTERS.”

Love and Blessings


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