There are many people daily barely surviving because they rely on a minimum wage or the limit someone else has placed on their skill. However, I refused that stigma a long time ago. Why would I want to be a slave to someone else’s dream? Imagine working so hard to make someone else rich or someone else’s dream a reality. I remember one day when my husband came back from work and said I’m tired of working to make someone else’s dream a reality whilst I remain in the same place in life. That statement was so profound to me that my mind shifted that day and we started a dialogue about improving our lives. We asked ourselves what the value of our time was and worked our way from there. You see many people don’t like to think inside the box and work their way into the outside. We have been conditioned to think that if we go against something then we are winning. However, sometimes it is important to understand the inside in order to conquer the outside.

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