We had our quarterly Mumpreneur Master-Class Coffee and Tea Group meetups. Like minded mums got together over a hot drink  and we had two business mums share their mumpreneurship journey and business hacks they’ve found useful. We got to mingle and make friends in business but the common theme amongst the women was finding and keeping a balance in building their business and being a mum. We also discussed about being more open to share with other mums how they can access beneficial tax breaks and other benefits for self employed people. it was absolutely brilliant because even I found out information I didn’t know. It was a great day to laugh, cry, network and share new strategies to grow our businesses while also juggling motherhood. If you would like to be a featured guest and would love to come and share your story, it would be an absolute pleasure to have you at our next event where you will get to address specific vital needs in business and to encourage women to walk in their purpose.

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