Many people underestimate the power of blogging your business, however as the famous Nike tag line says “Just Do It”.


One major marketing mistakes you can do is deny your business that blog time. Sacrifice that East-Enders or whatever your favourite soap is and simply get on with it. Small sacrifices mount up to bigger blessings and even grander achievements. One thing i always remind fellow Mumpreneurs is that blogging is free and it’s a fantastic way to get you, your brand, or your business noticed.

Don’t sit on that aspect of marketing because it is expense-less to a huge degree, put it to good use.

If you are worried that you may become a bore for people, keep it minimal to at least 2-4 times a month because not only will your customers feel valued, but they will remember you are there. Little drip feed doses are always best, injecting the right amount at the right time.

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