Is your business relevant? This is one of those questions many people are scared to ask themselves although a necessity in every business endeavour. I have made it a point to regularly review my business in order to check its relevance. It is a very difficult truth to face for most people and therefore they shy away from doing this.

What many people miss by avoiding this necessary evil, is the chance to make right whatever is going wrong. Although I am aware that there is no set standard for comparison, you can find your own little strategy. I have utilised this simple yet effective strategy to review my business and find it works for me, therefore i felt i should share it with you.

So, what makes your business relevant today?

  • You and your team

Team work makes the dream work is a true sentiment, therefore always review how you are working together in your business and see if there are loopholes that can be filled and better adjusted so that everyone is exercising their duties correctly. The worst thing you can have is team members who do not understand nor serve the vision well.

  • Great products or services

This point is extremely important. Always ask yourself what the majority of people are saying about your product or services. I know there is plenty fish in the sea and you are bound to come across rotten ones, but it doesn’t mean its the end of the world. Whilst I appreciate that some customers can be difficult always use negative feedback to review and implement improvements. Great customer service is always valued and usually invites more business.

  • Strong message content

It is not always necessary to to over supply. Sometimes it really is important to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Sometimes people dislike overload so always bare this in mind.

  • Market timing

Are people responding to your marketing strategies? If not are you engaging with the right audience and what are your algorithms saying about your customer base? Understand your market and what time they’re likely to be online etc…

  • Outstanding relationships

Outstanding relationships are Lasting relationships. Always remember you can leverage a great relationship, therefore always watch how you are with people.

  • Other ___________

Fill free to comment and fill in the blank with your personal pointers.

Much Love,


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