Are You at Your Kairos Moment?


…..The office and business as usual, is no longer tied to a 9-5. I am very much an advocate for mum’s working from home or anywhere, because my vision is to see women experiencing financial freedom and security. However, like i have said there is a time and season for everything and it is important to know when its time to cease an opportunity when the right moment arrives. Everyone needs to know their Kairos moment/season…….

Chronos or Kairos!!

In life it is important to know when to choose the right people (what i call midwives or mentors to your dreams) who will help you call your dreams into reality and bring you to your Kairos moment/season. I once read somewhere (author unknown) that the ancient Greeks had two words for time:

  • Chronos
  • Kairos

The former refers to chronological or sequential time. Clocks and Calendars are subject to CHRONOS. This is the time we use as we try to meet deadlines, make it to appointments, or go to bed at a reasonable hour.

KAIROS, however, refers to the RIGHT SEASON, the right opportunity, the right time which is not subject to Chronos time. Kairos is the time that moves us so we lose our sense of time. Kairos is when Divine Decree meets Divine Opportunity (very important to take note of this).

However, when your Kairos Moment appears you must not only recognise it, but also cease it or it may be missed.

In Kairos time, you become what you are called to be. In Kairos, things that should take years to happen, happen suddenly. Things that are said to be impossible, occur like it is the norm. Things that never happen, happen against ridiculous odds.

So, why a I telling you beautiful mumpreneurs this? Well, because i know most of you want to attain good success in your many endeavours. However, one of the integral parts of Planned or Intentional success is the ability to recognise when the time has come for you to cease your Kairos Moment! Like i said in my previous post, it is very important to have mentors in life, even i have a mentor who helps me navigate this entrepreneurship system and sometimes helps me spot opportunities i otherwise would have missed.

Let me help you get to your Kairos moment. You may have people in your life who look down on you and your dreams, but never let anyone or anything stop you from becoming.

Become that person of influence you were born to be.

Love and Blessings



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